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Saint John River Canoe Trips

with Katahdin Outfitters

The St. John River runs along Maine's remote northwest corner and is the longest and wildest free flowing stretch of river in the east. For several weeks after ice out the Saint John becomes the most rewarding wilderness canoe experience in Maine. Expect plenty of whitewater, solitude, wildlife, and adventure along the 120 mile stretch. Beginning at 5th St. John Pond and continuing north to Allagash Village you will enjoy this stretch of river thru the remote forests of northern Maine.

Starting your trip at 5th Saint John Pond you will make your way thru the slender and tricky upper river before you reach Baker Lake. From here to the first indication of humanity at Dickey the river transforms from a rapid stream to a broad, commanding waterway.

Those interested in plant life will find three rare plants of national or global meaning, include the Furbish lousewort, the St. John oxytrope and the New England violet. There are more than a dozen plants of regional significance, the second highest concentration of rare plants in Maine (only Mount Katahdin in Baxter State Park has more!).

Some Class III rapids may be encountered on the Saint John River and river canoeing experience is definitely recommended. The difficulty of the rapids varies depending on water level. The last couple days of your trip you'll find Class II and III rapids to round out the end of your travel on the St John.

As on the Allagash, camping is in designated campsites only on a first come first serve basis. The campsites are comparable to the campsites on the Allagash River.

There are three starting points on the St. John River commonly used by Katahdin Outfitters in Maine. Fifth Saint John Pond, Baker Lake, and Moody's Bridge give paddlers alternate trips lengths. Fifth Saint John Pond and Baker Lake are the most common.

The two most popular trip take out points at the end of your paddle are Big Rapids and Allagash Village.

Below for your trip planning are trip lengths in mileage and the days the average person will need to complete their wilderness experience on the Saint John River:

From 5th St. John Pond to Allagash Village
120 miles over the course of 7 Days

Baker Lake to Allagash Village
100 Miles over a 6 day paddle

Moody Bridge to Allagash Village
90 miles for a 6 day wilderness adventure

You can also rent our canoes and kayaks for your trip. We can provide you with the popular Old Town Discovery Canoes. We offer Models 174 &164. We use Old Town's Loon 138 and 138T for our kayak fleet. Check our River Gear page for more information on our paddling fleet.

And remember, an early spring trip on the St John means less bugs to deal with making your trip a memorable one!



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