Saint John River Facts

French explorer Samuel de Champlain named the river after sailing into its mouth on the Nativity of St. John the Baptist day in 1604.

Saint John River

The course of the St. John River

Origin Northwestern Maine
Mouth Bay of Fundy at Saint John, NB
Basin countries Canada, United States
Length 673 km (418 mi)
Source elevation 360 m (1,181 ft)
Avg. discharge 990 m/s (35,000 ft/s)
Basin area 54,986 km (21,230 mi)

The Saint John River totals 410 miles in length with 210 of those miles in Maine.

The river has a drainage area that includes 21,230 square miles, 7,360 of which is in Maine.

Discharge at Mouth: 25.5 billion gallons/day on average.

The Saint John River is one of the largest river basins on the East Coast. The St. John drains over  21,000 square miles of land. Maine's portion of the Saint John totals 210 miles in length. Its upper portions are some of the most remote stretches of river in all New England. 


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